Breeding Success Stories

Scottish Terrier Puppies!

When Champion Su-Ets Dancing in My Dreams came to Dr. Vanderlip for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, everyone was very excited to see live images of six puppies. When Nina needed help to deliver her large litter, Dr. Vanderlip performed the C-section and all went well. Congratulations Sue Annette Maniscalco-Wood of Su-Ets Kennels!

Colorful Collie Puppies!

Rainshade Ice Angel was conceived from frozen semen and has also produced litters from frozen semen.  Here she is with a litter of her six beautiful white-factored blue-merle and tricolor puppies. Dr. Vanderlip performed the C-section. Rainshade Collies has produced numerous Collie litters from frozen semen over the decades.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ready for Fun!

When  Champion Kengali’s Caribbean Soul, “Sachi”, was ready to breed, only the very handsome Champion Manzanita’s Trifecta (“Jax”) would do! Jax’s owner, Lynn Valdivia, brought Jax to Dr.Vanderlip to collect, process and ship semen to Florida for Sachi’s insemination. On June 12, 2011, Sachi gave birth to a beautiful litter. Sachi’s owner, Ginny Merchant, kept … Continue reading Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ready for Fun!

Labrador Retriever Puppies! Goodness, Gracie!

Crescendo Poetry is Motion, “Gracie”, (pointed) came to Dr. Vanderlip for pre-breeding health exam, ovulation monitoring, and artificial insemination to Wynhill’s Special Edition (owned by Kim Jacobson). Two months later, Gracie delivered 5 female and 4 male puppies—all of them black! Congratulations proud owners Barbara Lewis and Barbara Nowak!

Beautiful Bouvier des Flandres puppies! Two litters!

Beautiful Bouvier des Flandres puppies! Two litters!Two days apart! Champion Bon Idée’s Hippie Chic (Pilar) came to Dr. Vanderlip for estrous cycle monitoring and a transcervical insemination with semen shipped in from  Champion Preacherman Mapleridge.  Dr. Vanderlip performed the transcervical insemination and two months later peformed a C-section on Pilar. Two days later, Pilar’s companion, Madison, also … Continue reading Beautiful Bouvier des Flandres puppies! Two litters!

Litters of Lovable Labrador Puppies

Saddlehill Labrador Retrievers, owned by Susan Eberhardt, are well known for their excellent health, wonderful temperament, and success in the show ring. Over the years, Dr. Vanderlip has helped bring some Saddlehill Labradors into the world by transcervical and surgical inseminations with frozen and extended semen. Sally (Anderscroft Steamboat Sally) is one of our favorite … Continue reading Litters of Lovable Labrador Puppies

Summer Goldens!

At Jane Szondy’s request, Dr. Vanderlip performed a surgical insemination on Mrs. Szondy’s beautiful Golden Retriever, Eva., using frozen semen shipped from Canada from Champion Kassem’s Zoom Zoom. The result? Two beautiful golden boys born on a warm summer day on August 2, 2010! Dr. Vanderlip also assisted Mrs. Szondy in peri-natal care of these … Continue reading Summer Goldens!

Shih Tzu Showcase!

Dr. Vanderlip performed a C-section on Champion August Moon Jewel at Sundown (aka Jade) and delivered four beautiful, healthy,  Shih Tzu puppies. Here is an armful of three of the four. Congratulations Kim Guinn of Sundown Shih Tzu!

Great Dane puppies in Canada!

We are happy to congratulate Michele Grenkow of MiHi Kennels on her new litter of  eight Great Dane puppies, sired by Champion Sunstrike Romeo! The dam is beautiful Canadian Champion Milti’s I Cause Power Outages. As documented in our Featured Stories, this is the third frozen semen litter sired by Romeo. All three litters were … Continue reading Great Dane puppies in Canada!

Wonderful Whippet Puppies, Welcome to Our World!

When it came time to breed Champion Starline’s Fendissime at Oxford (Fendi) to Champion Starline’s Sovereign (Ashton), the challenges were many. Dr. Vanderlip collected, processed, and froze Ashton’s semen and shipped it to Idaho for the insemination. But winter weather and technical and transit problems prevented the laboratory from providing important  test results needed to … Continue reading Wonderful Whippet Puppies, Welcome to Our World!

Great Dane News from New Zealand!

In late 2009 New Zealand BISS Champion Conquistador Once Only whelped a gorgeous litter of six healthy puppies sired by American BISS Champion Sunstrike Romeo. Dr. Sharon Vanderlip collected, processed,  froze, and shipped “Romeo’s” semen to New Zealand.


Gunner was produced from ICSB frozen semen. Dr. Vanderlip performed the transcervical artificial insemination. But Gunner was a singleton and HUGE. His mother, Genni She’s My Girl Evans, needed help! So Dr. Vanderlip also performed the C-section. Gunner is as patriotic as he can be! He’s red, white, and blue! Red color, white markings, and blue … Continue reading Meet GUNNER! Our FOURTH OF JULY SPECIAL!


Aspencreek’s Sabaka first came to Dr. Vanderlip for ultrasound imaging for pregnancy. Dr. Vanderlip discovered that Sabaka had only one EXTREMELY LARGE puppy and knew that she would definitely need help. Dr. Vanderlip performed a C-section on Sabaka and delivered a gigantic, healthy, happy Chinook puppy! The sire is Channahon’s Kuska. Congratulations to proud owner, … Continue reading Sabaka

Great News about Two Wonderful Great Danes!

Beautiful UKC CH SunStrike Marilee We Go CGC, ATDA  (“Disa” to her friends) gave birth to 5 gorgeous puppies. The puppies are sired by the very handsome and highly admired CH. SunStrike Romeo. The puppies were conceived using chilled semen collected, processed, and shipped by Dr. Vanderlip. Congratulations to Disa’s owner, Kelly Martin, and to Romeo’s … Continue reading Great News about Two Wonderful Great Danes!

Luck of the Irish!

Ten Irish Setter puppies born in Finland from frozen semen shortly after St. Patrick’s Day! Russian and Belarus Champion Original Gigglin Glenda whelped 10 beautiful, healthy puppies in Finland. The puppies were produced from semen collected, frozen, and shipped by Dr. Vanderlip. The sire of the puppies is New Zealand and United States Champion Lanascol … Continue reading Luck of the Irish!

Perfect Pair of Parsons Russell Terriers!

Champion Blossom Valley Caliopi needed help, so Dr. Vanderlip performed an emergency C-section to deliver Caliopi’s two pretty female puppies. Here’s a peek at the precious pair, sired by Champion Red Leaf Whitetail Run Cal. These puppies are full siblings to Champion Calypso Joe, number one Parsons Russell Terrier in Japan!    

Newfoundland Frozen Semen Puppies!

International Champion Watchbear’s Dibs is a high tech Newfie, from start to finish! Dr. Vanderlip monitored Dibs’ estrous cycle, timed her breeding, and performed a transcervical insemination using frozen semen from Champion Legacy’s Shortstop Ozzie Smith. Four weeks later, Dr. Vanderlip did an ultrasound and confirmed Dibs was pregnant. When Dibs was due to whelp, … Continue reading Newfoundland Frozen Semen Puppies!

Swimming in Success!

Champion Monogram’s Bada Bing (Anthony) has two beautiful new litters on the ground and more on the way! Anthony was temporarily pulled from the show circuit and from stud service, on Dr. Vanderlip’s advice, when she diagnosed Anthony’s pancreatitis. Anthony’s owners, Michele and Michael Leon and Michael Faulkner, gave Anthony the prescribed treatment and rest … Continue reading Swimming in Success!

Happy New Year!

“Jessie” gave birth to six gorgeous Australian Shepherd puppies in early January, from a frozen semen surgical insemination timed and performed by Dr. Sharon Vanderlip. These long-awaited babies will be loved and cherished by Rizzo family members and friends. Their sire, “Bear”, was the Rizzo family’s heart dog and just before he passed away at … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Seven Parson Russell Terrier puppies

Seven Parson Russell Terrier puppies were born at Blossom Valley Ranch! Congratulations to Annette Gilliam, owner/breeder, on yet another successful frozen semen litter! The dam is Champion Rocky Point Out of the Blue and the sire is Champion Blossom Valley George Patton. Once again, the semen freezing, breeding timing, and artificial insemination were performed by … Continue reading Seven Parson Russell Terrier puppies


In November, THIRTEEN Rottweiler puppies were born in Australia, produced by semen collected, processed, frozen, and shipped by Dr. Vanderlip! The sire is “Unkas”, Deutcher Meister Unkas Vom Hause Neubrand,  German National Schutzhund Champion. “Unkas” has already produced many puppies on the other side of the world from semen frozen by Dr. Vanderlip. Now “Unkas” … Continue reading ROTTWEILER WONDERS IN THE LAND DOWNUNDER!!!


CH. Skerryvore Peggy Sue’s pups from her last litter, sired by CH. Yellow Brick Road Hell on Wheels (Dunning), have grown and are doing great in the show ring (especially Megan!). Peggy Sue and Dunning’s owners, Leslie and Bob Stewart, were so pleased with the first litter, that they called on Dr. Vanderlip to repeat … Continue reading WIZARD OF ODDS—THE SEQUEL!!!

Just “Pinsch” Me…….

By Janet Oatney When German Pinscher Ch Dabney’s Pink Gardenia “Lucy” was looking for a mate, only one beau would do, Austrian import Ch Yambo VomAwarenring “Yambo”. After a failed attempt with a different facility (not Dr. Vanderlip’s!) and a lost FedEx shipment, plans were made to drive Lucy from Portland, Oregon to San Diego … Continue reading Just “Pinsch” Me…….

Basset Hound Litter Born in Holland! From fresh-cooled semen shipped from California!

Champion Red Ruby von Grunsven (winner of Dutch, German, and Luxemburg championship titles) is proudly owned by Basset Hound judge/veterinarian, Dr. Rudy Smits. When Dr. Smits visited the United States to judge Basset Hounds, he was so impressed with Champion Splash’s The Professor, owned by Jo Ann Nolan, that Dr. Smits decided “The Professor” was … Continue reading Basset Hound Litter Born in Holland! From fresh-cooled semen shipped from California!

Labrador Happy Tails!

“Dr. Sharon Vanderlip, You are absolutely wonderful! Without your assistance we would never have timed this breeding correctly. When it seemed as if we had missed our girl completely you were aware that there was still time…and with your advice we did succeed with this breeding we were attempting and we soon saw that puppies … Continue reading Labrador Happy Tails!

Glen of Imaal Terrier Treasures!

When Champion Rainbow Springs Gota Lota Moxie needed assistance with a very long-distance breeding, Dr. Vanderlip was contacted and asked to make it all happen. Only the best was good enough for Moxie, so her owner, Margaret Carty, selected English import Champion Pajantick Sky Masterson at Malsville. This strikingly handsome dog,  known as Brando to … Continue reading Glen of Imaal Terrier Treasures!

Malinois Marvels!

Pharrar is a gorgeous Malinois imported from Belgium and French Ring trained level II. But for now she is taking a break from competition to care for her beautiful litter of 8 Malinois puppies: 7 males and 1 female.  The sire is renowned Belgian import, Yelo du Boscaille, a confident, brave retired police dog, trained … Continue reading Malinois Marvels!

Foreign Affair!

Sebastian is also known as New Zealand Grand Champion and United States Champion Lanascol Gladiator. Sebastian  has won nine Best in Shows All Breed and 31 Group One wins. During his stay in the United States, he stopped in to see Dr. Vanderlip for semen collection and freezing. His frozen semen was then flown to … Continue reading Foreign Affair!

April Fool’s Frozen Jewels!

Champion Libwyre Bells and Whistles (Bella to her friends) was a challenging reproductive case! She put us through our paces monitoring her silent and split estrous cycles, but we caught her at the perfect time! Dr. Vanderlip performed Bella’s non-surgical artificial insemination  using only one dose of frozen semen from Champion Purston Foxxfyre Artistocrat. Dr. … Continue reading April Fool’s Frozen Jewels!

Successful Sire!

Deutcher Meister Champion, Unkas Vom Hause Neubrand, is a German National Schutzhund Champion. Unkas has sired numerous puppies, nationally and internationally. Many of Unkas’s litters were produced from frozen semen or fresh chilled semen that was collected, processed, and shipped by Dr. Vanderlip. Recently Unkas produced a beautiful litter of puppies in Norway from semen … Continue reading Successful Sire!

Beautiful Boxer Babies!

Sarah is everything her name suggests: Champion Artistry Sweet Serendipity. Dr. Vanderlip played an integral role in bringing Sarah’s babies into the world. Dr. Vanderlip monitored Sarah’s estrous cycles, timed the breeding, and performed the surgical insemination using frozen semen from Champion Brentwood’s Time to Ascend. The breeder, Laura Miller, says, “Amazing!” Sarah’s puppies have … Continue reading Beautiful Boxer Babies!

It’s All in the Timing!

CH. Ultra Quest Casper the Ghost (“Casper”) and Blossom Valley Love Shack (“Sugar”) produced a wonderful litter of babies with Dr. Vanderlip’s help in timing the estrous cycle and breeding.         *Photo courtesy of proud litter owner, Alan Apolinar     

Wizard of Odds!!!

Meet Cairn Terrier babies, “Megan” and “Quinn”! Dr. Vanderlip helped bring these two delightful canine puppies into the world by monitoring the mother’s estrous cycle, collecting the semen, doing the artificial insemination, confirming pregnancy by ultrasound, and performing the C-section! Congratulations, Leslie and Bob Stewart! Parents are Champion Yellow Brick Roads Hell on Wheels and … Continue reading Wizard of Odds!!!

The owner of Labs to Love writes:

“Dr. Vanderlip to the rescue! Our Champion sired Just Labs Sweet Thunder “Stormy” needed the excellent veterinary services of Dr. Sharon Vanderlip! Stormy was invited to Dr. Vanderlip’s fully-outfitted facilities where Stormy received the personalized surgical attention she needed that turned our day into one of celebration with the delivery of Stormy’s gorgeous babies! Thank … Continue reading The owner of Labs to Love writes:

Mimi has six new English Bulldog babies!

Anyone who raises English Bulldogs knows that it’s not always easy to get a pregnancy and a healthy litter of these precious cuties! Mimi was bred twice in the past but didn’t get pregnant. Her owners had given up hope of  Mimi ever having puppies until their veterinarian referred them to Dr. Vanderlip. Mimi traveled … Continue reading Mimi has six new English Bulldog babies!

Cocker Spaniel Celebration!

Phoebe is Champion Loma Point 18 K Moon Goddess and a proud mother of a beautiful litter of Cocker Spaniel future champions. Phoebe and Champion Mistiwind’s Something Special, came to see Dr. Vanderlip for reproductive evaluations, estrous timing, and inseminations. Congratulations proud owner/breeder Judy Bjelland of Loma Point Cocker Spaniels.

Perfect Parsons puppies!

Before Champion Blossom Valley Calypso Joe “Joey” was exported to Japan, he made a stop at Dr. Vanderlip’s facility for semen collection and freezing. Good thing, too, because later on Champion Ultra Quest Sky’s the Limit “Shelby” needed to find the perfect match! Shelby was artificially inseminated (AI) by Dr. Vanderlip, using Joey’s frozen semen … Continue reading Perfect Parsons puppies!

Valentine’s Sweethearts!

Champion Blossom Valley Calypso Joe is the number one Parsons Russell Terrier in Japan! Before he left for Japan, Dr. Vanderlip collected, froze, and stored his semen, so he could continue to produce beautiful litters in the United States! CH. Blossom Valley Evita gave birth to this lovely trio, sired by “Joey”, by artificial insemination … Continue reading Valentine’s Sweethearts!

New Year’s Eve Ice Follies Collies

Dr. Vanderlip has produced numerous Collie litters from frozen semen, but this New Year’s Eve litter is very special. This litter of five pups, which includes “Nigel”, is the fourth generation of Collies Dr. Vanderlip has produced from frozen semen. That’s right! The puppies, and the puppies’ father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all produced from … Continue reading New Year’s Eve Ice Follies Collies

Kangal Dog: Turkish Treasure

The Kangal Dog is the national dog of Turkey, where they have served as gentle, devoted guardians of flock and family for centuries. This historic breed can be found in large numbers in Turkey, but in the U.S., UKC-registered Kangal Dogs are quite rare. So when the owners ofTurkmen Chicek’s Zerrin asked Dr. Vanderlip for … Continue reading Kangal Dog: Turkish Treasure

The Story about the Skunks

Years ago I took this photo of my daughter and some orphaned baby skunks that we raised and released to the wild. As a veterinarian I have worked with a wide variety of animal species, including rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned or injured wildlife. Skunks are among my veryfavorite animals. That is why I am writing … Continue reading The Story about the Skunks