Basset Hound Litter Born in Holland! From fresh-cooled semen shipped from California!

Champion Red Ruby von Grunsven (winner of Dutch, German, and Luxemburg championship titles) is proudly owned by Basset Hound judge/veterinarian, Dr. Rudy Smits. When Dr. Smits visited the United States to judge Basset Hounds, he was so impressed with Champion Splash’s The Professor, owned by Jo Ann Nolan, that Dr. Smits decided “The Professor” was the perfect match for Red Ruby.

Dr. Vanderlip prepared semen from The Professor in a special long term survival fresh cooledextender (not frozen!) and shipped it to Holland. Dr. Smits performed the artificial insemination two months later, Champion Red Ruby von Grunsven gave birth to 5 wonderful Basset Hound puppies! Now that’s very cool!

*Photo taken by Dr. Rudy Smits