Dr. Vanderlip has relocated to Boise, Idaho! She offers private consulting. Learn more here.

Sharon Vanderlip is a veterinarian whose practice focuses on

Dr. Vanderlip is an author who has

  • written more than 20 books
  • written numerous articles about pet care and animal health
  • published her research in veterinary reproductive medicine and exotic animal medicine in peer-reviewed scientific journals and textbooks

Dr. Vanderlip’s most recent books:

  • Chinchilla Handbook (2nd edition) released June 2016
  • Guinea Pig Handbook (2nd edition) released November 2015
  • Yorkshire Terrier Pet Manual (2nd edition) released 2015

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Prairie Dogs Pet Owners Manual will be released again soon and will be available directly from Dr. Vanderlip. Check back for updates!

The Collie Compendium, Thank you for your continued interest and patience while Dr. Vanderlip continues to add the latest in Collie research and information to her newest Collie book. Fill out our Contact Form so you can be notified when the book is released!

Dr. Vanderlip has raised Collies since 1977—please visit her Rainshade Collies website