Exotic Mammal Medicine

Dr. Vanderlip has more than 30 years extensive experience working with exotic mammals. She is a member of the American Society of Mammologist and the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians. Dr. Vanderlip has authored several scientific publications and pet care books about exotic pets, wild animals, and non-domestic animals.

Rabbits Pet Owners Manual

Dr. Vanderlip’s Rabbits Pet Owner’s Manual presents detailed advice on housing, proper nutrition, health care, grooming, play activities, training, behavior, history, and much more for your rabbit. This book is written for a wide audience, ranging form prospective and inexperienced pet owners, older children who are learning about responsible pet care, and experienced rabbit owners. … Continue reading Rabbits Pet Owners Manual

The Rat Pet Owner’s Manual

Dr. Vanderlip revised this latest edition of The Rat Pet Owner’s Manual, originally written by Carol Daly. Dr. Vanderlip updated the book and added lots of new information, tips, tables, and charts. The book highlights the rat’s high intelligence that makes it such an interesting pet. This fun book contains lots of information on rat … Continue reading The Rat Pet Owner’s Manual


African pygmy hedgehogs are fascinating and mysterious animals. Dr. Vanderlip’s new book is the most comprehensive and authoritative book available on the subject. It tells you everything you want to know about these tiny, spiny animals. Topics include natural history, health care, reproduction, nutrition, housing, and much, much more. Whether you own one pet hedgehog or are … Continue reading Hedgehogs

Dwarf Hamsters

Dr. Vanderlip’s newly revised, second edition, Dwarf Hamster Pet Owners Manual (2015) is packed full of detailed information about  each of the four species of dwarf hamsters commonly kept as pets. This new book contains even more information than Dr. Vanderlip’s original Dwarf Hamsters Pet Owners Manual (1999), which has been widely acclaimed as the most accurate and authoritative book … Continue reading Dwarf Hamsters

The Chinchilla Handbook

Native to South America, Chinchillas are best known for their soft, beautiful fur and gentle personality. Chinchillas are affectionate, have long life spans, and make wonderful pets. In this comprehensive handbook filled with beautiful photographs, Dr. Vanderlip provides Chinchilla enthusiasts with accurate and authoritative information on chinchilla traits, behavior, health, housing, feeding, breeding, genetics, and general care. … Continue reading The Chinchilla Handbook

The Guinea Pig Handbook

This outstanding guinea pig handbook is comprehensive, detailed, useful, and fun to read! From the fascinating chapter on the evolutionary history of the guinea pig (cavy), Dr. Vanderlip’s book delves into important aspects of guinea pig care, including nutrition, housing, medical conditions, handling, emergency care, behavior, and how to raise guinea pigs. Numerous beautiful color … Continue reading The Guinea Pig Handbook

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs are playful, intelligent rodents that are fun, but challenging, to keep as pets. Affectionate, but strong-willed and mischievous, Prairie Dogs are not for everyone. For those individuals who own or plan to own a Prairie Dog, Dr. Vanderlip’s authoritative and informative book is a treasure packed with valuable, accurate, up to date information, necessary … Continue reading Prairie Dogs


Degus are attractive, intelligent, fascinating, colonial rodents from South America. Degus also make wonderful pets! Until Dr. Vanderlip wrote this Degus book, pet owners could find very little accurate information about degus. Dr. Vanderlip’s research and personal experiences raising degus inspired her to write this book and to share her knowledge with pet owners. Dr. Vanderlip … Continue reading Degus


This is an outstanding, detailed book on the care, housing, health, nutrition, breeding and raising of fancy pet mice. The book is filled with beautiful color photographs, line art, tables, charts, and valuable information. Dr. Vanderlip provides advice to keep pet mice healthy. This is an excellent book for both beginners and experienced pet owners. … Continue reading Mice