Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs are playful, intelligent rodents that are fun, but challenging, to keep as pets. Affectionate, but strong-willed and mischievous, Prairie Dogs are not for everyone. For those individuals who own or plan to own a Prairie Dog, Dr. Vanderlip’s authoritative and informative book is a treasure packed with valuable, accurate, up to date information, necessary for all Prairie Dog pet owners and wildlife rehabilitation centers. Among the many topics covered are health, nutrition, housing, training, emergency care, the differences between Prairie Dog species, and a history of Prairie Dogs. The book is filled with beautiful color photographs, line art, tables, and charts. Published 2002. 95 pages.

Note: Shortly after Prairie Dogs was published, prairie dog ownership was temporarily banned in the United States and Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. did not make a second printing of this outstanding book. The ban on prairie dog ownership has since been lifted. Dr. Vanderlip owns the copyright to Prairie Dogs and plans are underway to publish the newest edition. If you are interested in purchasing the new Prairie Dogs book, please contact Dr. Vanderlip directly.