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Scottish Terrier Puppies!

When Champion Su-Ets Dancing in My Dreams came to Dr. Vanderlip for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, everyone was very excited to see live images of six puppies. When Nina needed help to deliver her large litter, Dr. Vanderlip performed the C-section and all went well. Congratulations Sue Annette Maniscalco-Wood of Su-Ets Kennels!

Colorful Collie Puppies!

Rainshade Ice Angel was conceived from frozen semen and has also produced litters from frozen semen.  Here she is with a litter of her six beautiful white-factored blue-merle and tricolor puppies. Dr. Vanderlip performed the C-section. Rainshade Collies has produced numerous Collie litters from frozen semen over the decades.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ready for Fun!

When  Champion Kengali’s Caribbean Soul, “Sachi”, was ready to breed, only the very handsome Champion Manzanita’s Trifecta (“Jax”) would do! Jax’s owner, Lynn Valdivia, brought Jax to Dr.Vanderlip to collect, process and ship semen to Florida for Sachi’s insemination. On June 12, 2011, Sachi gave birth to a beautiful litter. Sachi’s owner, Ginny Merchant, kept … Continue reading Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ready for Fun!

Labrador Retriever Puppies! Goodness, Gracie!

Crescendo Poetry is Motion, “Gracie”, (pointed) came to Dr. Vanderlip for pre-breeding health exam, ovulation monitoring, and artificial insemination to Wynhill’s Special Edition (owned by Kim Jacobson). Two months later, Gracie delivered 5 female and 4 male puppies—all of them black! Congratulations proud owners Barbara Lewis and Barbara Nowak!

Beautiful Bouvier des Flandres puppies! Two litters!

Beautiful Bouvier des Flandres puppies! Two litters!Two days apart! Champion Bon Idée’s Hippie Chic (Pilar) came to Dr. Vanderlip for estrous cycle monitoring and a transcervical insemination with semen shipped in from  Champion Preacherman Mapleridge.  Dr. Vanderlip performed the transcervical insemination and two months later peformed a C-section on Pilar. Two days later, Pilar’s companion, Madison, also … Continue reading Beautiful Bouvier des Flandres puppies! Two litters!

Litters of Lovable Labrador Puppies

Saddlehill Labrador Retrievers, owned by Susan Eberhardt, are well known for their excellent health, wonderful temperament, and success in the show ring. Over the years, Dr. Vanderlip has helped bring some Saddlehill Labradors into the world by transcervical and surgical inseminations with frozen and extended semen. Sally (Anderscroft Steamboat Sally) is one of our favorite … Continue reading Litters of Lovable Labrador Puppies

Summer Goldens!

At Jane Szondy’s request, Dr. Vanderlip performed a surgical insemination on Mrs. Szondy’s beautiful Golden Retriever, Eva., using frozen semen shipped from Canada from Champion Kassem’s Zoom Zoom. The result? Two beautiful golden boys born on a warm summer day on August 2, 2010! Dr. Vanderlip also assisted Mrs. Szondy in peri-natal care of these … Continue reading Summer Goldens!

Shih Tzu Showcase!

Dr. Vanderlip performed a C-section on Champion August Moon Jewel at Sundown (aka Jade) and delivered four beautiful, healthy,  Shih Tzu puppies. Here is an armful of three of the four. Congratulations Kim Guinn of Sundown Shih Tzu!

Great Dane puppies in Canada!

We are happy to congratulate Michele Grenkow of MiHi Kennels on her new litter of  eight Great Dane puppies, sired by Champion Sunstrike Romeo! The dam is beautiful Canadian Champion Milti’s I Cause Power Outages. As documented in our Featured Stories, this is the third frozen semen litter sired by Romeo. All three litters were … Continue reading Great Dane puppies in Canada!

Wonderful Whippet Puppies, Welcome to Our World!

When it came time to breed Champion Starline’s Fendissime at Oxford (Fendi) to Champion Starline’s Sovereign (Ashton), the challenges were many. Dr. Vanderlip collected, processed, and froze Ashton’s semen and shipped it to Idaho for the insemination. But winter weather and technical and transit problems prevented the laboratory from providing important  test results needed to … Continue reading Wonderful Whippet Puppies, Welcome to Our World!