Great Dane puppies in Canada!

We are happy to congratulate Michele Grenkow of MiHi Kennels on her new litter of  eight Great Dane puppies, sired by Champion Sunstrike Romeo! The dam is beautiful Canadian Champion Milti’s I Cause Power Outages. As documented in our Featured Stories, this is the third frozen semen litter sired by Romeo. All three litters were produced non-surgically, via transcervical insemination technique, using semen that was collected, processed, and frozen by Dr. Vanderlip. In Romeo’s first two frozen semen litters, born in New Zealand, there were 6 puppies in each litter. Not to be outdone, Canadian Champion Milti’s I Cause Power Outages  produced 8 Great Dane puppies on June 13, 2011! We expect these puppies to follow family tradition and take the show ring by storm!