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Great Dane News from New Zealand!

In late 2009 New Zealand BISS Champion Conquistador Once Only whelped a gorgeous litter of six healthy puppies sired by American BISS Champion Sunstrike Romeo. Dr. Sharon Vanderlip collected, processed,  froze, and shipped “Romeo’s” semen to New Zealand.


Aspencreek’s Sabaka first came to Dr. Vanderlip for ultrasound imaging for pregnancy. Dr. Vanderlip discovered that Sabaka had only one EXTREMELY LARGE puppy and knew that she would definitely need help. Dr. Vanderlip performed a C-section on Sabaka and delivered a gigantic, healthy, happy Chinook puppy! The sire is Channahon’s Kuska. Congratulations to proud owner, … Continue reading Sabaka

Luck of the Irish!

Ten Irish Setter puppies born in Finland from frozen semen shortly after St. Patrick’s Day! Russian and Belarus Champion Original Gigglin Glenda whelped 10 beautiful, healthy puppies in Finland. The puppies were produced from semen collected, frozen, and shipped by Dr. Vanderlip. The sire of the puppies is New Zealand and United States Champion Lanascol … Continue reading Luck of the Irish!

Perfect Pair of Parsons Russell Terriers!

Champion Blossom Valley Caliopi needed help, so Dr. Vanderlip performed an emergency C-section to deliver Caliopi’s two pretty female puppies. Here’s a peek at the precious pair, sired by Champion Red Leaf Whitetail Run Cal. These puppies are full siblings to Champion Calypso Joe, number one Parsons Russell Terrier in Japan!    

Newfoundland Frozen Semen Puppies!

International Champion Watchbear’s Dibs is a high tech Newfie, from start to finish! Dr. Vanderlip monitored Dibs’ estrous cycle, timed her breeding, and performed a transcervical insemination using frozen semen from Champion Legacy’s Shortstop Ozzie Smith. Four weeks later, Dr. Vanderlip did an ultrasound and confirmed Dibs was pregnant. When Dibs was due to whelp, … Continue reading Newfoundland Frozen Semen Puppies!

Swimming in Success!

Champion Monogram’s Bada Bing (Anthony) has two beautiful new litters on the ground and more on the way! Anthony was temporarily pulled from the show circuit and from stud service, on Dr. Vanderlip’s advice, when she diagnosed Anthony’s pancreatitis. Anthony’s owners, Michele and Michael Leon and Michael Faulkner, gave Anthony the prescribed treatment and rest … Continue reading Swimming in Success!

Happy New Year!

“Jessie” gave birth to six gorgeous Australian Shepherd puppies in early January, from a frozen semen surgical insemination timed and performed by Dr. Sharon Vanderlip. These long-awaited babies will be loved and cherished by Rizzo family members and friends. Their sire, “Bear”, was the Rizzo family’s heart dog and just before he passed away at … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Seven Parson Russell Terrier puppies

Seven Parson Russell Terrier puppies were born at Blossom Valley Ranch! Congratulations to Annette Gilliam, owner/breeder, on yet another successful frozen semen litter! The dam is Champion Rocky Point Out of the Blue and the sire is Champion Blossom Valley George Patton. Once again, the semen freezing, breeding timing, and artificial insemination were performed by … Continue reading Seven Parson Russell Terrier puppies