Happy New Year!

“Jessie” gave birth to six gorgeous Australian Shepherd puppies in early January, from a frozen semen surgical insemination timed and performed by Dr. Sharon Vanderlip.

These long-awaited babies will be loved and cherished by Rizzo family members and friends. Their sire, “Bear”, was the Rizzo family’s heart dog and just before he passed away at an old age, the Rizzos had his semen collected and stored. The Rizzos kept “Bear’s” semen stored for years, waiting for the right Aussie female and the right moment, so they could use the one precious dose of semen to produce their dream puppies. They had only one chance, so they asked to Dr. Vanderlip to do it all for them.

Now they have six beautiful puppies to help them celebrate the New Year! Congratulations to the Rizzo family!