Labrador Happy Tails!

“Dr. Sharon Vanderlip,

You are absolutely wonderful! Without your assistance we would never have timed this breeding correctly. When it seemed as if we had missed our girl completely you were aware that there was still time…and with your advice we did succeed with this breeding we were attempting and we soon saw that puppies were on the way!

Your reproductive assistance made all the difference in the world!

My girl laid a new set of problems on us when she was in need of your expert services to deliver our new bundles of joy.

We are ever so grateful to you, to Dr. Jack Vanderlip, and to your lovely daughter Jacquelynn,  for your willingness to capably assist us through not only the reproductive process–but for also being there when our girl needed you the most to deliver her babies into the world.

Thank you so much for being our veterinarian! You’re the best!”

Sandy Underhill

*Photo taken at 12 hours old, Courtesy of Sandy Undersell at Labs to Love