Malinois Marvels!

Pharrar is a gorgeous Malinois imported from Belgium and French Ring trained level II. But for now she is taking a break from competition to care for her beautiful litter of 8 Malinois puppies: 7 males and 1 female.  The sire is renowned Belgian import, Yelo du Boscaille, a confident, brave retired police dog, trained as a duel dog. Producing this wonderful, long-awaited litter took time, work, and creativity! Yelo is a senior canine, and like so many older dogs, his fertility is reduced. But Dr. Vanderlip used specialized techniques and extenders (proprietary formulas) to collect, concentrate, and “energize” Yelo’s semen. Dr. Vanderlip then performed the artificial insemination after precisely timing Pharrar’s estrous cycle. The result is 8 exquisite Malinois puppies destined for success in the line of duty and competition. Congratulations proud owner/breeder Debbie Skinner of Les Ombres Valeureux kennels!

*Photo courtesy of Debbie Skinner