Kangal Dog: Turkish Treasure

The Kangal Dog is the national dog of Turkey, where they have served as gentle, devoted guardians of flock and family for centuries. This historic breed can be found in large numbers in Turkey, but in the U.S., UKC-registered Kangal Dogs are quite rare. So when the owners ofTurkmen Chicek’s Zerrin asked Dr. Vanderlip for assistance, she was happy to help. Dr. Vanderlip timed Zerrin’s breeding and coordinated shipping semen from across the continent and performed the artificial insemination. Two months later, Zerrin’s owners, Michael and Katherine Lambert, were delighted when Zerrin gave birth to a litter of seven

healthy Kangal puppies, sired by Sivas Regal’s Vasi. Fortunately, the Lamberts have plenty of space! Kangals can grow to 140 lbs! These puppies are now doing their jobs guarding flocks, working as therapy dogs, and being exquisite ambassadors of their rare breed.



*Photos courtesy of Katherine Lambert