Dwarf Hamsters

Dr. Vanderlip’s newly revised, second edition, Dwarf Hamster Pet Owners Manual (2015) is packed full of detailed information about  each of the four species of dwarf hamsters commonly kept as pets. This new book contains even more information than Dr. Vanderlip’s original Dwarf Hamsters Pet Owners Manual (1999), which has been widely acclaimed as the most accurate and authoritative book available on dwarf hamsters.  Dr. Vanderlip’s exhaustive, comprehensive research and extensive knowledge about these species set the record straight on correct nomenclature and species identification. Dr. Vanderlip discusses in detail everything pet owners want to know about dwarf hamsters, including their similarities and differences, origins, natural history, health care, housing, nutrition, and medical problems. She provides information on the genetic inheritance of the hamsters’ various coat colors and patterns. Dr. Vanderlip also provides detailed information on dwarf hamster reproduction and raising dwarf hamsters. Beginners and experienced pet owners alike will learn from Dr. Vanderlip’s 40 years’ experience caring for several thousands of hamsters. Originally published 1999 and completely revised in 2009, this wonderful book is filled with beautiful new color photographs.

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