ICSB – San Diego Pricing

The International Canine Semen Bank—San Diego (ICSB—San Diego) offers a wide variety of services.


Fees and Discounts for Processing Canine Semen for Freezing and Storage:

File Preparation
File preparation, computer entry, and report to registry.
Semen Storage
Annual storage fee for each group of 30 vials or less.
Each vial is one insemination.
Semen Collection, Evaluation, Freezing
Based on 4 vials (equals 4 inseminations). If the dog produces more than 4 vials and the owner elects to store more than 4 vials, each vial over 4 is $50 additional.


Multiple dog discount (Owned by same owner)
Two dogs = 5% discount
Three dogs = 10% discount
Four or more dogs = 15% discount


DNA Identification Services (Required by AKC and UKC registries)

ICSB-San Diego is a distributor for MMI Genomics. MMI Genomics contracts with the AKC and UKC for DNA identification. ICSB-San Diego provides DNA kits and assistance for obtaining the DNA specimen (no blood required) to submit to the registries.

AKC DNA $50.00
Non-AKC DNA $55.00


Kennel Club Shows and Workshops

ICSB-San Diego is happy to provide its service clinic for dog shows. Contact us about our club service program. We are the only company approved and sanctioned for the kennel club shows by the American Kennel Club.


Kennel Club Seminars

ICSB-San Diego provides seminars and workshops for kennel clubs.
Contact Dr. Vanderlip for more information at DrVanderlip@SharonVanderlip.com