Perfect Parsons puppies!

Before Champion Blossom Valley Calypso Joe “Joey” was exported to Japan, he made a stop at Dr. Vanderlip’s International Canine Semen Bank (ICSB-San Diego). Good thing, too! Because later on Champion Ultra Quest Sky’s the Limit “Shelby” needed to find the perfect match! Shelby was artificially inseminated (AI) by Dr. Vanderlip, using Joey’s frozen semen and a non-surgical AI technique. These four wonderful Parsons Russell Terrier puppies were produced from that breeding! Joey recently sired another litter with semen frozen by Dr. Vanderlip. And here’s an update on Joey….as of 2009, Joey is the top-winning, number one, Parsons Russell Terrier in Japan!


*Photo courtesy of Blossom Valley Parsons Russell Terriers*